Fake news

Presented by

Mr Tim Verheyden

journalist with the public broadcaster VRT, Flanders, Belgium

May 7th 2020
Bluepoint, Brussels

Tim Verheyden ©VRT



May 7th 2020









Tim Verheyden has been a news anchor, host, journalist and report producer for VRT and Canvas since 2012. Before, he worked as a reporter for VTM, a Flemish private broadcast, for their Telefacts programme among others. In October 2014 he published How to Story, a book in Dutch on storytelling.

Short contents:

“You’re fake news,” President Trump once told a CNN journalist at a press conference and since then the term has been a global concept. But where does fake news come from? How could ‘fake news’ develop into a (political) concept in no time? In this lecture, Tim gives insights into the global disinformation war that is currently taking place on and through social media. From Russia to Brazil, digital warriors are used to influence public opinion.
‘Fake news’ is actually only a small part of a complex problem. The ability to tackle disinformation is a crucial 21st-century digital skill. Tim will talk about the importance of integrating this complex issue in our education system and about the challenges for teachers.