Global learning via ICT

Presented by

Mr Koen Timmers

lecturer at PXL University College, Hasselt, Belgium

May 7th 2020
Bluepoint, Brussels

Koen Timmers


May 7th 2020








Koen Timmers is a lecturer, researcher and author. In 2018 he was hailed by Bill Gates as one of the ten Global Teacher Prize finalists. Koen co-authored the book Teaching in the fourth industrial revolution and started several global projects such as the four-week Climate Action Project with 100 000 students from 98 countries focusing on climate change, creating interaction, finding solutions and taking action and the Kakuma Project offering free education via Skype to refugees.

Short contents:

Is learning the definition of climate change by rote a way to address this global issue? How can ICT be an added value in this process and make learning a global experience? In this workshop on the basis of successful projects Koen Timmers shows how we can make students find solutions and undertake action themselves to address climate change and other challenges. To do so, skills like creativity, empathy, critical thinking, project learning and collaboration are key. We discuss the stakes in depth with Koen.