The power of 'Service-Learning' in global citizenship education

Presented by

Mr Nicolas Standaert

professor of Chinese Studies at the Catholic University of Leuven, Belgium

May 7th 2020
Bluepoint, Brussels

Nicolas Standaert


May 7th 2020




English – French (simultaneous translation)




Nicolas Standaert is professor of Chinese Studies at the Catholic University Leuven, Flanders, Belgium. He is the academic coordinator of service-learning at the Catholic University Leuven and co-founder of the European Association of Service-Learning in Higher Education.

Short contents:

Service-Learning is an experiential learning method in which students serve and engage in society, reflect about their experiences, and learn personally, socially and academically. Since long it has been a proven learning method for (global) citizenship education in the US and Latin-America and it is growing rapidly in importance in European academic institutions. On the basis of concrete examples this lecture will expose the essential characteristics of service-learning and show how it is a method to educate young people for others, especially for the most vulnerable, together with them and from them.