The role of Global Education in responding to far-right challenges to human rights and democracy

Presented by

Ms. Manca Šetinc Vernik

Through the refugee's eyes – Experiences from the experiential interactive theatre play by Humanitas, Slovenia

May 7th 2020
Bluepoint, Brussels

Manca Šetinc Vernik


May 7th 2020










A Communication Science Graduate with years of experience in the field of human rights, in particular the field of non-discrimination. Her professional career path led her from the research work at the Institute for Ethnic Studies to the Human Rights Ombudsman of the Republic of Slovenia, where she worked in the department of prevention of discrimination as a promotion and education officer. She is currently a project coordinator at Humanitas – Centre for global learning and cooperation, leading various domestic and international projects on human rights, migration and global education in Slovenia and abroad, also as an independent expert advisor in the field of non-discrimination for organisations like COE, the EU Commission and the OSCE. Her passions are also theatre and photography, both of which she tries to involve in the global education methodology reaching different target groups.

Short contents:

This workshop presents inspirational transformative education practice through which Global Education responds to far-right challenges. It addresses the question of reaching out to general public and those who may not share Global Education values and respect for human rights.
Key questions:
How do we reach those who do not share Global Education values and new audiences?
What are the educational approaches that support that?